Ian Fox's cull stag
IMGP2277 1000
IMG_0074 1000
IMG_0070 1000
Jack Pianta inspired everyone with his determination, taking this old 3x4 for his first red stag
IMG_0032 1000
R1013709 500
Clint Leenman took this gnarly old 5x7 on a hunt with his son Alex
Dave Scully took this heavy timbered old 5x7 on the RIDGE ballot
Graham Jameison with an unusual 9yr old 6x5
Heath Green hunted hard for his wide and old 5x5.
R1013731 500
Steve Lee with his hard won first stag, an old and long 4x5
P3210003 cropped
One of RIDGE's top supporting hunters, Justin Pianta finally fulfilled his dream of taking this true
Matt Quinn and his massive 5x5 taken during the 2011 roar
IMG_0037 1000
2011 ROAR 058
Alex Leenman and his great 6x8 trophy
Candan Koyuncu had every reason to smile over his first red stag, a lovely 6x5. jpg
A big wide 5x5 taken by james Moore