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"It's not a boys club, this is RIDGE.  We stand for the people, the wives and the kids, the venison on the table and the time spent in the bush.

We stand for tradition, culture, history and age old rights.  All the good things that have made all of us who we are. We have a brand. We have a morally defendable position. It can ride over the top of the Biosecurity “Kill them all” rhetoric."

If you are here then chances are you have been watching some clips created by our official spokesman Clark McGhie on our behalf.


Clark has been a driving force behind the RIDGE Group since its very inception and has sacrificed countless hours of his life over the many years he has been involved with the group. We continue to value him as a treasured resource to the group.

The "Clark sent me" initiative is all about explaining the problems facing the proper management of our Wild Deer in a format that is easy for newcomers to understand. 


This section is under construction but we hope to link in a series of YouTube clips and some explanatory notes on them in the near future.


Click on the "Clark Sent Me!" menu bar for available topics.

“Winning the hearts is the best way, winning the castles is the second way, winning through domination is the worst way” 

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