When / Where:​

Glenfiddich Hunting Lodge, Jimna, QLD

9th December 2017

email for directions if required with intention to attend

When / Where:

Brisbane Valley

Week 1 - 25-30 March 2018

Week 2 - 1-6 April

Week 3 - 8-13 April

Week 4 - 15-20 April

Week 5 - 22-27 April

2018 Annual RIDGE Group Ballot

After another successful ballot in 2017, Australian Wild Country Adventures will host the annual RIDGE Group Ballot in March and April, 2017

When / Where:​

On properties managed in the Esk-Kilcoy-Jimna region of QLD

7-8 Oct 2017

4-5 Nov 

11-12 Nov

Dates are subject to sufficient participation and sufficient animals due to feed/rain

2017 - RIDGE Group AGM and Christmas Party

The 2017 RIDGE Group AGM on Saturday, 9th December,

In conjunction with the RIDGE Christmas Party

Points of discussion:

Sustainable Use of Wildlife summary.

2018 Major Raffle

2017 Ballot  and Financial Summary.

Online show sponsorship opportunity.



Venison Harvesting weekends


Herd Management weekends are held at various times throughout the year on multiple properties.

Register your interest at ridgegroupemail@gmail.com


These weekends not only provide members with an opportunity to hunt deer, pigs and wild dogs, but also provide:

- education into property based management of our wild deer herds,

- how to utilise your venison through butchering techniques and breaking down carcasses

- research and gathering of information

- a fantastic opportunity to meet wit like minded people of various walks of life and experience