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The AWCA / RIDGE Group Ballot

The Ballot is a joint initiative between RIDGE Group and Australian Wild Country Adventures to provide access for hunters looking for the opportunity to hunt red deer during their peak breeding season -"the Roar"!

The ballot happens annually and has generated millions of dollars for the local economy, established a sustainable use system for wild Deer management and has provided over 1600 hunting opportunities for local, interstate and international recreational hunters.

Ballot 2024 submissions are yet to be opened

  • Ballot will be announced towards the start of 2024
  • You must be a current RIDGE member
Ballot Pricing information for RIDGE Group Members:
  •  property access (Sunday induction to late Friday) Price will be announced at later date
  • Full payment upon arrival - Cash ONLY
  • Cash ONLY - no pre-invoicing or other payment options
  • Prices do not include trophy or cull fees
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