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Deer Management

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Welcome to RIDGE! 

The group known as RIDGE (Research Into Deer Genetics and Environment) was initiated in 1992 as a non-profit organisation open to all interested parties, with the aim of instigating a self funding, self regulating and sustainable management system for wild deer in Queensland.

 Group offers a place for our deer community to thrive,
with annual meetings and events to teach current generations  (as well as those to come), that we align with the goal of keeping hunting traditions alive and resilient. 

Join RIDGE today to help bring sustainable use of wild deer to the forefront of of our hunting culture. 

"It's not a boys club, this is RIDGE.  We stand for the people, the wives and the kids, the venison on the table and the time spent in the bush.

We stand for tradition, culture, history and age old rights.  All the good things that have made all of us who we are. We have a brand. We have a morally defendable position. It can ride over the top of the Biosecurity “Kill them all” rhetoric."


“Winning the hearts is the best way, winning the castles is the second way, winning through domination is the worst way” 

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